Is Your Home Covered In Drywall Dust?

Call for post-construction cleaning services in King of Prussia, PA

Your home remodeling project is finally complete. Everything looks perfect…if you ignore the layer of fine white dust covering every surface. Remodeling often leaves an oily residue and a film of pulverized grit behind. You’ll be cleaning construction dust out of crevices for weeks.

Or you could just call Gibbs Cleaning. As a professional construction cleaning company, we have the tools and training needed to make your home spotless and safe. Schedule a post-construction cleaning appointment in the King of Prussia, PA area today.

We also handle commercial construction cleaning

We also handle commercial construction cleaning

Retailers in the King of Prussia, PA area love our post-construction cleaning services. The department store, Neiman Marcus hired us to clean up the space after their store remodel was finished. And many popup stores in the area need a construction cleaning company to help prepare their new space.

If you have a commercial building in need of a good cleaning, reach out to Gibbs Cleaning today. Our professional cleaners can clean your:

  • Windows: We’ll wipe away dust and make your storefront windows sparkle.
  • Surfaces: We’ll remove construction powder and other residue.
  • Flooring: We’ll make sure your new flooring shines.

We recommend scheduling a cleaning appointment before and after your construction project. Call 610-360-7960 now to book your post-construction cleaning dates.